Lakewood, New Jersey Residents are petitioning KRM (a.k.a. Kollel Grocery) from Borough Park, Brooklyn to open a branch in Lakewood


krm logoOn June 23, 2015, a group calling itself Lakewood Residents started an online petition to get the famous KRM Supermarket from Borough Park in Brooklyn, NY to open a similar supermarket in Lakewood. They claim that they need a reasonable supermarket to sell kosher food products at discounted prices and I agree too.

Lots of fancy kosher supermarkets opened in the past ten years in every Frum, Jewish neighborhood. These include Brooklyn area kosher super stores like Pomegranate in Flatbush, The Chestnut in Williamsburg, Gourmet Glatt Market in Boro Park, Rockland Kosher Supermarket and lately Evergreen Kosher Market in Monsey (Rockland County), New York.

I’m not here to bash these fancy kosher supermarkets. There is a need for them. Today’s Frum Balei Bustas (Jewish Home Makers) are demanding fancier stores and better shopping experience than what their parents did. We also have a lot more working professional women who need the conveience of more prepared food and pre-cooked ready meat and fish. But at the same time, these stores are much more expensive and it’s hard for a large Frum Jewish family to pay their prices. So we welcome the pettion and urge you all to sign it. KRM Kollel store in Boro Park is a simple, not fancy superstore that serves the Brooklyn orthodox community well. Do open in Lakewood and you will help a lot of struggling learning and working families alike. It will be a big Mitzvah.


The text of the petition is posted below:

We, the people of Lakewood are desperate for a supermarket that will offer affordable prices in a convenient, nearby location. We don’t need another fancy grocery store that will focus on selling expensive prepared food and everyday groceries at convenience store prices.

KRM, we know good and well that you will be able to open an amazing supermarket as has been shown for many years in your current locations.

Please do us a favor (probably even a mitzvah) to the 99% of families that can’t afford the current grocery pricing in Lakewood.
Please open a location in Shop Rite Plaza.

Please follow the link below and sign the petition:

June 24, 2015 |

41st Street Deli has recently been added to the list of establishments certified by Kosher Miami


41st street deli

41st Street Deli” has recently been added to the list of establishments certified by Kosher Miami, The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade.

41st Street Deli is located behind Ocean Bank, entrance from the parking lot, at 509B Arthur Godfrey Road in Miami Beach.

Deli sandwiches and salads served fresh daily. Also serving “juicy and succulent” brisket and Montreal meat. Meat is “home” marinated and smoked. Catering is available for office and small parties. For the full contact info including address and phone number, see the listing right here on Kosher Travel Info:

May 1, 2015 |

How to buy cheap airline tickets


buy cheap airline tickets

We all want to buy the cheapest airline ticket, however, what we don’t want is to end up with cheap service. So please read our guide below on how to buy the cheap air travel tickets where we take a balance approach and try to balance cheap air travel tickets while still getting a good deal and decent travel service.

1. The best way to buy the cheapest air is to plan ahead months in advance. As soon as you know an approximate date to fly, start shopping around. Use a combination of the following three sources: 1) Get travel rates directly from the major airlines, 2) Call a local trusted travel agent, 3) Check out discounted travel sites like Orbitz, Travelocity and Expedia. (more…)

October 26, 2014 |

Where is the Best Place to Buy Plane Tickets Online? Please take our poll!


plane tickets online

So where is the best place to buy Airline tickets? It depends who you ask… It seems that everyone has an opinion on the best way or place to shop for cheap flights.

We here at Kosher Travel Info would love to hear from you!  We created a poll on where people buy their tickets:

  • Directly from the Major Airlines
  • Local Travel Agent
  • Discount Travel Website


So please be so kind and take our poll on where you buy your airline tickets. Please vote (take the poll) here:


By the way, you should also check out the Kosher Travel Info guide on where and how to buy the best cheap air travel tickets. Please read the full article on how to buy cheap airline tickets here:

October 26, 2014 |

Frum Jewish Family Vermont Vacation Ideas & Report


Our family spent a beautiful week in the Green Mountains of Vermont. As promised, here is a report on where we stayed, attractions we visited and other activities suitable for Frum and Heimishe families who want to do a family vacation in Vermont.


We booked our lodging and vacation rental with the “The Bein Hazmanim Getaway” organized by the Gerstel family of Lakewood, NJ. They organize a Frum Jewish vacation group each July in August in the world famous Killington Ski Resort, nicknamed “the beast of the east, located on the mountain at the base of Killington Peak. For full information on “The Vermont Bein Hazmanim Getaway”, please visit their listing here:


August 26, 2014 |

Hotels & Lodging Categories on Kosher Travel Info Have Been Consolidated


kosher travel logo with hotel

As previously posted, we finalized the consolidation of our sub-categories under the main Hotels & Lodging parent category. Right now, in our Hotels & Lodging section, we only have a parent category that will include all lodging listings plus one child category called “Kosher Hotels”. To mark what type of lodging each listing on Kosher Travel Info is, there will be lodging classifications inside each listings. This will help simplify our site and not confuse site visitors to the Kosher Travel Info website with multiple categories.

The following lodging classifications are available right now:

  • Large-scale Hotel
  • Small-scale Hotel
  • Country Inn
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Condominium
  • Cabin/Cottage
  • Ranch
  • Vacation Home

For details on explanations for each type of listings, please visit:

Lodging Classifications on Kosher Travel Info

May 27, 2014 |

Sushi Metsuyan Kosher In Monsey, NY Has Closed


sushi metsuyan

Sushi Metsuyan Kosher in Monsey (technically in Airmont), New York (Rockland County) has closed. It was a favorite restaurant of mine and I will miss it for sure. What I loved about Sushi Metsuyan Monsey was that it was like a hybrid of an upscale kosher restaurant but not outrageously priced. It was also located a bit out of the “Main Street” area down south on Saddle River Road so the place was never jammed packed. The food was always delicious, the menu simple and not very complicated and the food was served in a reasonable amount of time. I really liked it and used to be a very frequent quest there. Either with my family or for business meetings.

But the good new is that Chaim (Howard) Stimmel who was a partial owner and partner in the Monsey location of Sushi Metsuyan opened up a brand new kosher Steakhouse and Sushi restaurant on the very same location called The Ridge Steak & Sushi.

I just spoke to Chaim and he hopes to post The Ridge Steak & Sushi soon on Kosher Travel Info. I hope to visit the restaurant soon and will hopefully write a full review and give you a report. I hope that the atmosphere, the food and the overall experience at The Ridge Steak & Sushi will be at least as good as it was under Sushi Metsuyan.

5/19/2014, Update:

I went there last Thursday. Exact same spot as the old Sushi Metsuyan Kosher In Monsey. Same staff, same people, very similar menu. Just a new name. They explained to me that they became independent of Sushi Metsuyan and are now on their own.

We listed the new Kosher Restaurant in Airmont under it’s new name “The Ridge” on Kosher Travel Info and you can see the full listing here:


May 13, 2014 |
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