newport rhode island jewish and kosher directoryIf you are in need of a quick romantic Kosher getaway, why not choose Newport, Rhode Island?

It is within decent driving distance of Brooklyn, Monsey, Stamford and Boston.

Besides of all the historic sites, Newport, RI also has the oldest Jewish Synagogue in the United States, Congregation Jeshuat Israel, Touro Synagogue.

Touro Synagogue is an Orthodox Shul. Touro Synagogue holds orthodox services and uses the Nusach Sephard prayerbook. There is separate seating for men and for women. Visitors are expected to dress appropriately. No shorts are permitted on Friday night and Saturday morning. No sleeveless clothing is permitted at any time in the Shul.

Newport also has a Kosher Bed & Breakfast, The Admiral Weaver Inn Kosher Bed and Breakfast.

There are no other kosher services or kosher restaurants in Newport.

There are plenty of hotels within walking distance to the Shul so that you can walk to Shul on Shabbos. Most operate as Bed & Breakfast.


Newport, Rhode Island Jewish and Kosher Directory
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