Which is the Best Car Insurance to use While Traveling?


Which is the Best Car Insurance to use While Traveling?

Written by the Kosher Itinerary professional

Good news! At this point, you have the ability to use your Chase Credit Card, which now provides the coverage for your Car Insurance on rental vehicles, as opposed to going through your company.

As some background information: There are 2 major sorts of car rental insurance. The first category includes CDW, which is Collision Damage Waiver (also referred sometimes as LDW – loss damage waiver) and the second category is Liability. Liability occurs when the car renter hits another person’s property or injures someone. If this scenario occurs, the insurance will cover it. This brand of insurance is mandatory by the government, which means that the rental agency is not allowed to rent a car out without this coverage. Therefore, it is normally included in the rental quote (even though some agencies may break down the rate to make it look cheaper). A rental company may also offer higher liability coverage for more money. (Also known as a Supplemental Liability Coverage). This means that a person can elect to purchase a coverage that is more than the minimum liability coverage, and is covered on higher amounts of liability, however this is completely the renter’s decision. As a heads up, they apply strong persuasion skills to encourage you to buy this brand, and that it is a must.

The real question arouses basically when we are referring to the first category-the CDW. This involves a situation when the renter is responsible to any damage or theft to the rented vehicle. As we have mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, it is a now a valid option to use the Chase credit card coverage for your rental vehicle, as well as coverage which now being offered by all major credit card issuers. (Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.) These cardholders now are able to cover the CDW insurance, however, please read on to keep these next few conditions in mind:

-Even when accepting the credit card coverage, most cards refer their coverage that they offer as “secondary.” This means that if you own a vehicle with insurance they will require you to claim it as your first, which may result in a higher premium coverage to the rental. However, there is an exception to this aspect, specifically to a few cards, including the Chase United Explorer and other cards that are primary coverage.

-Most cards don’t cover rentals in Israel, Ireland, and Italy. American Express also disqualifies coverage in Australia and New Zealand). For Israel there are some Worlds Master Card that cover’s rentals (but not all World master Cards), but it may still be a hassle, as our office -“Plan It Rite”, received an email from Adi Eldar Hertz who is an Israel sales manager in USA; that even when the renter claims that his credit card covers CDW, he will need to provide a written proof of the damage, or the agency will call to verify. (This is same is with other European countries) The process also may be much more difficult to arrange it before, in order to save a couple dollars specially if it’s a rental for just a few days. The Chase cards listed below however, all provide coverage to the countries listed above.

-Certain vehicles are not covered, which includes high end luxury or exotic. American Express doesn’t cover certain SUV`s; not bigger than 7 passenger vehicles, and no commercial vehicles. Rentals may not be able to be covered for more than 30 days.

-Care should be taken to apply the full rental charge to the specific credit card, and decline the rental company’s offer of CDW.

-When you use your credit card insurance and something happens which causes a need to claim insurance, you will be in the position of the middle man, collecting and filling paper work. You may even have to carry the full cost of the damage until you are reimbursed, but with the rental car’s insurance it’s normally a simple process.

-In some countries, such as France, England and Italy the CDW (or LDW) often doesn’t cover damage to a car’s windshield; for that you will have to buy a separate policy.

-Basic CDW in some European countries (regarding Israel, that depends on the type of vehicle) has an extremely high deductible. For example, in Italy, you may liable for over $3000.00 in damages. In order to bring the deductible down, you will have to pay for a special top/super coverage, but in contrast to credit cards coverage, there are usually no deductions.

-In certain countries like Israel and Italy, purchasing CDW on your rental vehicle is mandatory so it’s hard to decline their coverage. Keep in mind that proof of your credit card coverage will help in Israel, but not always in Italy where you are required to buy the CDW direct from the rental company. The question at this point is only if your credit card will reimburse you for the deductions.

According to some opinions, they claim that Visa pays it back. (Rental agencies will do everything in their power to get you to purchase their insurance, its sheer profit for them. Keep that in mind!

Note: Just to be sure, always make sure to check the fine print of your credit card coverage. If you can’t find the small print, call the number in back of your card and the rep will contact you the right department.

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Jewish and Kosher Vacation and Travel Guide for the 2016 Summer Season


This weekend is the official kick off to the 2016 summer season!

Many Frum and Jewish families that go to the “mountains” or as the old timers simply call it “The Country” are heading out to start their summer season this weekend. The Independence Day holiday of July Fourth is on a Monday this year which is also extending the weekend so many families will take advantage of an extra long holiday weekend to start their 2016 summer vacation.

We here, at Kosher Travel Info, have invested countless hours to help you get the most out of 2016 summer vacation season. No matter if you have your own weekend or summer vacation home in the mountains, rent a bungalow or just go away for a few days to a kosher hotel or a Bed & Breakfast. No matter where your next vacation or weekend getaway will take you this summer. From upstate New York, to the mountains of Switzerland. Below are some of the special features to help you plan your Jewish and Kosher vacation.

Kosher Vacations

This is a list of Kosher Vacations, mainly tour operators offering kosher vacation packages. They range from upscale hotels to Shabbos weekend getaways.

Minyan & Synagogues

This is a list of Orthodox Minyunim all over the world. The perfect Minyan database to find a place to go Daven anywhere in the world. It also includes seasonal summer Minyumin like the Lake George Summer Minyan.

Kosher Food & Restaurants

Worldwide kosher food database. Use the “Near” filter in the header to filter based on your desired location.

Below are some Quick links by geographical area. They include ALL Jewish and kosher listings (Food, Minyan, Mikvah, Attractions):

Sullivan County – New York State
Greene County, New York State
Includes Hunter Mountain, Tannersville, Catskill
Niagara Falls, Canada Jewish and Kosher Directory
New Jersey Shore
Includes Deal, NJ and surrounding towns and villages including all of Monmouth County. Full list of kosher restaurant, Chabad, Orthodox Synagogues, Mikvah, etc.
June 29, 2016 |

Frum Jewish Vacation in Newport, Rhode Island


newport rhode island jewish and kosher directoryIf you are in need of a quick romantic Kosher getaway, why not choose Newport, Rhode Island?

It is within decent driving distance of Brooklyn, Monsey, Stamford and Boston.

Besides of all the historic sites, Newport, RI also has the oldest Jewish Synagogue in the United States, Congregation Jeshuat Israel, Touro Synagogue.

Touro Synagogue is an Orthodox Shul. Touro Synagogue holds orthodox services and uses the Nusach Sephard prayerbook. There is separate seating for men and for women. Visitors are expected to dress appropriately. No shorts are permitted on Friday night and Saturday morning. No sleeveless clothing is permitted at any time in the Shul.

Newport also has a Kosher Bed & Breakfast, The Admiral Weaver Inn Kosher Bed and Breakfast.

There are no other kosher services or kosher restaurants in Newport.

There are plenty of hotels within walking distance to the Shul so that you can walk to Shul on Shabbos. Most operate as Bed & Breakfast.


Newport, Rhode Island Jewish and Kosher Directory
Visit the “Newport, Rhode Island Jewish and Kosher Directory by clicking the link below:

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A complete kosher food and dining listings for the entire state of Florida.



This makes it very easy to plan your kosher vacation trip to Florida and find all your needs on one map including Minyan, kosher restaurants, kosher supermarkets, hotels and Mikvah all on the map in the area of your FL destination

A complete kosher food and dining listings for the entire state of Florida. The list includes Kosher Restaurants organized by meat restaurants, dairy restaurants and parve restaruants.


We worked very hard the past few weeks to make sure our Florida Jewish and Kosher Directory is up to date. We double checked listings, added kosher restaurants, edited the hours of operations and added web sites to listings.


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Chol Hamoed Outings: Tips From a Family That Has Done It All


It happens EVERY Chol Hamoed. You get up early, Daven with the first Minyan come home, for a change the kids are dressed and ready to go. But the family can’t decide where to go and you spend two hours undecided. By the time you get into the car everyone is in a bad mood and the entire Yom Tov atmosphere is out the window. The big goods all had good will and decided not to fight but now had already all forgotten all their good intentions.

Does this sound familiar? Does your Chol Hamoed outing always ends in a stressful long day? Take some tips from me. I have been going places with my growing family for twenty years Bli Ein Horah.

Plan in Advance

Decide up front an appropriate outing or trip and stick to it. You can’t make everyone happy. But try to find a place that is balanced to the needs of your kids where everyone has a bit of what they enjoy.


Start Your Chol Hamoed Outing Early

I can’t say this enough! Be in the car AFTER DAVENING, no later than 8:30am! We used to go to the Bronx Zoo from Brooklyn. We were always members to Wildlife Conservation Society. We had unlimited access to all their zoos in NYC including the Aquarium. We would always go to Bronx Zoo very early. We had the best parking spots (you get a few parking passes with the membership) and we had no lines for their rides (the Monorail, Camel Rides, Bug Carousel, Chairlift ride, etc). We really enjoyed ourselves and when we left at around 1:30pm we could not believe the huge lines waiting to enter the zoo.

Get Home Early

You don’t have to be out all day. We plan most of our trips to be home no later than 7:00pm. We then sit down and eat a “Holiday Dinner” and the little kids still get to bed at a decent hour.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Food

We hate to schlep. However, hungry kids are cranky kids and no sport. Everyone MUST eat breakfast before we go. We do not allow eating breakfast in the car. We also take along lots of finger foods or light snacks that are appetizing and appealing to the kids. Like cheese snacks. There is also plenty of cut up carrots and other veggies for the teenagers on diet. We shy away from heavy sugary items.

The Cheaper the Better

This is the second most important tip on where to go on Chol Hamoed. I have proven this over and over again. The kids are not happier based on how much you spend on your Passover or Sukkoth Chol Hamoed outing or trip. We used to go to Great Escape, The Safari and other expensive places. The first problem is that the driving is always very long. Are we there yet? By the time you get there, everyone is already on everyone’s nerves. Then you have huge lines to get in. That you have huge lines for each ride. And you start thinking, is what I spend so much money for?

When our finances were tight, we used to go to FREE places. We once took a few balls and went to Central Park. We hiked around the pond, played ball, climbed the stones on the hills and everyone was very happy.

Another year, we paid for membership at The Bronx Zoo. Yes, it is one large purchase, but it was a long Chol Hamoed and we went back EVERY DAY. We went very early, enjoyed the best exhibits and rides, left at 1:00pm just when the lines started.


Stay Calm, Cool and above All, Smile


This is the most important tip to have a pleasant day and a memorable Oneg Yom Tov. If this is the only thing you will pick up from this article, you will have a great Yom Tov and happay holiday.

There will always be tension around the holidays. Dad might be in a bad mood because he did not pay the mortgage yet but does not know how to share his feelings (sounds familiar?), Mom might be upset because she did not get the diamond bracelet she hinted dad she likes since Chanukah, and if you have teenage girls, forget it. There will always be one person in a bad mood that will try (unwillingly) to bring down the rest of the family.
Just remember, it is up to each you to stay calm. Ignore bad barbs thrown your way and just smile. If the kids spill soft drinks in the car, don’t let it spoil your entire day. Just smile. The kids will not remember the spilled drinks; they will remember the yelling or the smiles. It is to you to have them memorable memories and not hate you for the rest of their lives.

So take these simple tips from a family that has done it all and above all, enjoy the Holiday. Keep in mind that on Pesach it is a Mitzvah to be happy. Vesumachto Bechgecho is a Mitzvah from our holy Torah. Yes, I know that it is not always easy with all the kids not in school, etc. But please remember to keep calm, cool and always smiling.

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Passover Vacations 2016 – Pesach hotels and resorts for Kosher Passover 2016 Worldwide

Passover Hotels and Resorts Worldwide 2016 Directory

Pesach hotels and resorts for Kosher Passover
Kosher for Passover 2016 Hotels – Complete up to date worldwide Kosher for Pesach Hotels, Kosher Vacations and Passover Resorts

We here at Kosher Travel Info worked very hard to have a complete guide of Kosher for Passover Resorts and Hotels for Passover 2016. Unlike other Jewish and Kosher travel guides and travel directories, we don’t just list “Jewish Passover Hotels”, because we are not just a Jewish Travel Guide. We are a “Kosher & Jewish Travel Guide and Directory”. We only list Kosher vacations and Passover Hotels that are kosher under Jewish Orthodox standards.


January 22, 2016 |

When Is Passover 2016?

When Is Passover 2016?

What is Passover?

Passover is an 8 day long Jewish holiday commemorating the exodus of Egypt and celebrating our freedom. On Passover, it is forbidden to own or eat any leavened bread or grain, and Jews eat matzah, (a traditional cracker if you’re Ashkenazi, and pita if you’re Sephardi) made only of flour and water and kneaded and baked in less than 18 minutes. Ashkenazi jews don’t eat kitniyot – like beans, rice, and quinoa – because it looks like grain and some grain might mistakenly get into it. Sephardi Jews eat kitniyot on Pesach, but sort and check it very well. Passover is kept on the 14th day of the month of Nissan, which generally falls out to be in the spring in the Northern Hemisphere.


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