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Kosher Travel Info Is a Global Jewish and Kosher Travel Directory and Guide

Our Main Categories:

Food & Dining

Kosher Food & Dining

Global Kosher Food & Restaurant directory. Sub-categories including groceries, meat restaurants, dairy restaurants, delis and more.

Hotels & Lodging

Kosher Hotels & Hotels near Shuls

Kosher Hotels and Hotels and Lodging near a Shul or Minyan so that you can go Daven on Shabbos.


Find a Minyan to Go Daven

Worldwide Orthodox Minyan directory. Includes Jewish Orthodox synagogues, Minyan listings, Shteibles, and Chabad Houses


Mikvah Global Directory

The Mikvah Directory is a global listings of Kosher Mikvah\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s.

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Local Travel Guides

The local Jewish and Kosher Guides are local guides that includes all the information the Jewish & Frum traveler needs in that local area. They including Shuls & Synagogues, Kosher Food and Restaurants, Mikvah listings and also Hotels near Minyan or Shull so that you can walk to Shull on Shabbat. Some local guise also include a brief article about Jewish living in that area.

Kosher Travel Info is a global Jewish and Kosher directory providing information on Minyan, Shuls, Kosher Food, Mikvah and other listings for the Jewish community.