About Kosher Travel Info

About Kosher Travel Info

What is kosher travel info?

We take the stress out of kosher vacation planning…

We put the fun into the ‘minyan search’…

We change ”stranded-in-nowheresville-with-no-kosher-food’ to ‘wow-so-many-kosher-options-I-didn’t-know-about’…

We are the authority on kosher travel and vacations.


Mission statement

Kosher travel and vacations can be tricky. Because of the many requirements kosher travelers have, research can take hours and preparation can be exhausting. Kosher travel info is here to change all that.

Section 1: Jewish & Kosher Vacations

Our team works hard to curate the best kosher vacation programs, exclusive kosher tours, exotic kosher cruises and luxurious Passover programs for travelers looking for all-inclusive kosher vacations. We are not a travel agent or kosher tour guide. We are a directory and guide listing the best Jewish and Kosher tours and vacations.

Section 2: Jewish and Kosher Listings

We also run a worldwide directory of kosher restaurants and caterers (who deliver kosher food), as well as listings for Shuls, Minyan, Hotels near Minyan so that you can walk to Shul to go Daven and Mikva.

Additionally, we’ve put together a list of itineraries for couples or families looking to travel on a budget while cutting planning time to a minimum. Use the exact itinerary or take it as inspiration for your trip. Our blog features posts on everything from pesach preparation to budgeted travel to where to buy kosher food in Honolulu.

We help make your kosher vacation stress-free.

Who is Kosher Travel Info?

Kosher Travel Info is owned and run by a father and daughter team who loves to travel the world over. It started out as a hobby and Jewish travel blog and over the years developed into the worlds largest and most accurate and up-to-date Jewish Travel Directory. As Jewish, frum & kosher travelers ourselves, we understand the nuances of keeping kosher and Shabbos and the many needs the kosher traveler has.

Although we can’t guarantee the kashrut of any establishment listed on our site, we do our utmost to only list those establishments that are kosher at least under Modern Orthodox standards. We urge our site visitors to verify the kashrut of each establishment listed before including it in your itinerary.

More on what our listing (directory) site is:

Kosher Travel Info is a complete guide for the Jewish Kosher consumer, with lots of guides and categories but has 5 main sections:


Find a Jewish Orthodox Minyan to go Daven anywhere in the world.

Food & Dining

Worldwide kosher food directory, includes the Kosher Restaurant Guide.

Hotels & Lodging

Hotels and other vacation rentals that either provide kosher food or are close to Orthodox Synagogues so that you can walk to Shul to go Daven on Shabbos.


Kosher worldwide Mikvah directory.


Points of interest appropriate and popular with the Frum community to enjoy on your vacation like theme parks, zoos, museums, skiing, etc.

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