This weekend is the official kick off to the 2016 summer season!

Many Frum and Jewish families that go to the “mountains” or as the old timers simply call it “The Country” are heading out to start their summer season this weekend. The Independence Day holiday of July Fourth is on a Monday this year which is also extending the weekend so many families will take advantage of an extra long holiday weekend to start their 2016 summer vacation.

We here, at Kosher Travel Info, have invested countless hours to help you get the most out of 2016 summer vacation season. No matter if you have your own weekend or summer vacation home in the mountains, rent a bungalow or just go away for a few days to a kosher hotel or a Bed & Breakfast. No matter where your next vacation or weekend getaway will take you this summer. From upstate New York, to the mountains of Switzerland. Below are some of the special features to help you plan your Jewish and Kosher vacation.

Kosher Vacations

This is a list of Kosher Vacations, mainly tour operators offering kosher vacation packages. They range from upscale hotels to Shabbos weekend getaways.

Minyan & Synagogues

This is a list of Orthodox Minyunim all over the world. The perfect Minyan database to find a place to go Daven anywhere in the world. It also includes seasonal summer Minyumin like the Lake George Summer Minyan.

Kosher Food & Restaurants

Worldwide kosher food database. Use the “Near” filter in the header to filter based on your desired location.

Below are some Quick links by geographical area. They include ALL Jewish and kosher listings (Food, Minyan, Mikvah, Attractions):

Sullivan County – New York State
Greene County, New York State
Includes Hunter Mountain, Tannersville, Catskill
Niagara Falls, Canada Jewish and Kosher Directory
New Jersey Shore
Includes Deal, NJ and surrounding towns and villages including all of Monmouth County. Full list of kosher restaurant, Chabad, Orthodox Synagogues, Mikvah, etc.

By Kosher Travel Info

Webmaster of the Kosher Travel Info website, a kosher travel directory, guide band blog. The Kosher Travel Info website has worldwide listings of Orthodox Minyan & Synagogues, Mikvah, Kosher Restaurants, Kosher Tours and Passover Resorts.

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