Jewish and Kosher Vacation and Travel Guide for the 2016 Summer Season

This weekend is the official kick off to the 2016 summer season! Many Frum and Jewish families that go to the “mountains” or as the old timers simply call it “The Country” are heading out to start their summer season this weekend. The Independence Day holiday of July Fourth is on a Monday this year which is also extending the weekend so many families will take advantage of an extra long holiday weekend to start their 2016 summer vacation. We here, at Kosher Travel Info, have invested countless hours to help you get the most out of 2016 summer vacation season. No matter if you have your own weekend or summer vacation home in the mountains, rent a bungalow or just go away for a few days to a kosher hotel or a Bed & Breakfast. No matter where your next vacation or weekend getaway will take you this summer. From upstate New York, to the mountains of Switzerland. Below are some of the special features to help you plan your Jewish and Kosher vacation. Kosher Vacations This …
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The Best Frum Kosher Vacation in North Miami Beach, Florida

We have recently updated kosher listings for North Miami Beach and believe that it is the very best vacation location for a Frum Jewish couple from anywhere. Here is why… Kosher Vacation on a Budget Sure, you can do Switzerland, Israel or other location, but they become very expensive. My wife and myself already took a few vacations in Florida. We fly from the Northeast, and you can get a decent price on airfare pretty much most of the time. Car rental and other transportation needs are very accessible all over the Metro Miami area for a pretty decent price. Kosher food choices are plenty. In fact, the Miami, FL area has multiple kosher food choices for every budget. More about that later. Minyan, Synagogues and Religious Services If you are Frum, Heimish or Orthodox and keep Kosher, North Miami Beach is the place for you. There are multiple choices for Davening in all types of Synagogues and Shteiblech. From Chasidish, Yeshivish to Chabad and Modern Orthodox. You do…
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