Pesach hotels and resorts for Kosher Passover
Kosher for Passover 2016 Hotels – Complete up to date worldwide Kosher for Pesach Hotels, Kosher Vacations and Passover Resorts

We here at Kosher Travel Info worked very hard to have a complete guide of Kosher for Passover Resorts and Hotels for Passover 2016. Unlike other Jewish and Kosher travel guides and travel directories, we don’t just list “Jewish Passover Hotels”, because we are not just a Jewish Travel Guide. We are a “Kosher & Jewish Travel Guide and Directory”. We only list Kosher vacations and Passover Hotels that are kosher under Jewish Orthodox standards.

We have in our Kosher for Passover Hotels 2016 Directory Pesach programs all over the world including the United States (New York, Florida, Arizona, California, New Jersey, Connecticut), Europe (Italy, France, Greece and more), Mexico, Caribbean and Israel.

Our Kosher for Passover Resorts Tour Operators Include The Most Recognized Names In Jewish And Kosher Travel Including:

  • Alpen-Karawanserai Kosher Hotel
  • Arie Galitzky & Team
  • Brooklyn Jewish Xperience
  • Caribbean Kosher Tours
  • Club Kosher
  • Costa Rica Kosher Adventures
  • Diamond Club Passover Vacations
  • Eden Prestige
  • Elite Dimension
  • Gateways
  • Gateways Luxury Pesach
  • KDeluxe Holidays
  • Kosherica
  • LD Events
  • Le Voyage Travel
  • Leisure Time Tours
  • Leisure Time Tours
  • Maaglei Nofesh Tours
  • Matza Fun
  • Mendy Vim’s Holidays
  • Noah Tours
  • Paris World Club
  • Passover Getaway
  • Pesach on the Mountain
  • Pesach South Africa
  • Sabra Tours
  • Sivan Club
  • The Katz Family
  • The Shechter Family
  • The Tenenbaum Family
  • Tour Plus
  • Upscale Getaways
  • Vered Holidays
  • VIP RAM Destinations
  • Wholly Kosher
  • World Wide Kosher Tours
  • Zvi Lapian

As always, we don’t take responsible for the actual Kashruth and kosher standards of our Passover 2016 or any other listing on the Kosher Travel Info website. Kosher Travel Info can’t verify each listing. It is up to our dear site visitors to make sure that any listing or Passover hotel program they want to attend to that the establishment or kosher vacation meets their Kashruth levels.

To see our famous “Kosher for Passover Hotels & Resorts for 2016”, please click here:

Kosher for Passover 2016 Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Directory

And if you are a tour organizer or kosher hospitality company operating a Kosher for Passover hotel or resort for Pesach 2016, make sure you are listing on the most up to date Passover Resort Directory right here on Kosher Travel Info.


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