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Pesach hotels and resorts for Kosher Passover
Kosher for Passover 2016 Hotels – Complete up to date worldwide Kosher for Pesach Hotels, Kosher Vacations and Passover Resorts

We here at Kosher Travel Info worked very hard to have a complete guide of Kosher for Passover Resorts and Hotels for Passover 2016. Unlike other Jewish and Kosher travel guides and travel directories, we don’t just list “Jewish Passover Hotels”, because we are not just a Jewish Travel Guide. We are a “Kosher & Jewish Travel Guide and Directory”. We only list Kosher vacations and Passover Hotels that are kosher under Jewish Orthodox standards.


January 22, 2016 |

All Passover Resorts and Pesach Hotels Are Now In One Category


passover_seder_plateIn an effort to streamline our site and to reduce clutter, we are now removing all sub-categories for our Passover Resorts and Pesach Hotels listings.

Until now, we had the main category called “Passover Hotels”. This category had sub-categories for Passover Hotels USA, Passover Hotels Mexico, Passover Hotels Europe and so on. Each sub category also had sub categories of their own. For example, the Passover Hotels USA had sub categories called Passover Hotels Florida, Passover Hotels California, Passover Hotels Arizona and so on. While this was a very good way of organizing all our Pesach hotels and Pesach vacation packaging by geographical areas, it created to many sub categories and confused visitors sometimes in the search results where our system offers “Similar Categories”.

We are now in the process of moving all Passover Hotels and Resorts into the main Passover Hotels category. You will still be able to narrow down your Passover Hotel search by using the map and zooming in on your area. You can also use the default search on top of each page by entering Passover in the left search box and your location in the right hand box (i.e. California).

We will also add “Tags” based on the location of the Passover resort and list them all in the main Passover Hotels and Resorts page. So you will still be able to get listings just for the region you are looking for.

To go to the Passover Hotels and Resorts Directory, click here:

Passover Hotels and Resorts Guide and Directorya complete guide to Kosher for Pesach Hotels for 2014

To see all the Passover Hotels listings, click here:

Passover Hotels and Resorts Listingsgo directly to the Kosher for Passover Hotels Listings

April 3, 2014 |

Pesach 2014 Vacation in Europe in San Remo (Italy), French Riviera with Eden Prestige



We are proud to welcome our new member, Eden Prestige, operator of the famous Passover 2014 Hotel program in Europe in San Remo (Italy), French Riviera with Eden Prestige.

The Passover Hotel is at the famous Castellaro Golf Resort, ideal for tourists and nature lovers, is located in a hilly area, 7 km from Sanremo and 4 km from the sea, offers stunning panoramic views over the surrounding countryside.

See the Passover 2014 Resort in Europe Listing here:

  • First class pastry chef will design the beautiful and appetizing desserts.
  • Full board gourmet meals served with wines and beverages
  • A warmful service will realize all your wishes with a special attention and good listening.
  • Serveral tasty menus, local cuisine and gastronomy developed and reviewed by great chiefs
  • Specially designed menus for children
  • Lobby bar open 8AM to midnight with hot and cold beverages
  • Sweet-Hour – every day
  • Lunch boxes for those who are traveling outside in Hol-Hamoed
  • Rich Israeli breakfast Themed Buffets
  • Children and babies meals will be served earlier to adults’ meals
  • Glatt-Kosher, Non-Gebrokts. Non Kitniyot
  • All will close with a splendid Mimouna, rhythms, colors and flavors of the Mediterranean.


Prof. Yossef Paperon is teaching hassidism at the Sorbonne ( Paris ) ; he is also the author of a book on Talmud and has a regular lecture on jewish thought  at the French Jewish radio. He has a PhD in Hebrew and also in classical literature, but nevertheless, he really tries to speak for everybody: to associate depth in thought and easy understanding.

December 16, 2013 |

Passover 2014 Hotel in the beautiful island of Corfu, Greece

Passover 2014 Hotel at the Corfu Imperial, Grecotel Exclusive Resort

Passover 2014 Hotel at the Corfu Imperial, Grecotel Exclusive Resort

We just added to the Passover 2014 Hotel Directory a new listing:

Pessach 2014 in Corfu, Greece with Maagalim Tours

Passover 2014 Hotel and Resort in Greece with Maagalim Tours Highlights:

• Set on a private peninsula with Italianate gardens • Private coves with 3 sandy beaches • New Penthouse Family Suites • All rooms have sea view • Dining around Kommeno Peninsula – Varied dining with 6 uniquely appointed restaurants & bars • Beautifully redecorated aristocratic lounges • Large pool & spacious sun terraces • New Grecoland with Discovery Adventures. Tasty Corner-free kids dining, Grecotel value • Elixir Beauty Spa & glass walled indoor pool • Superb watersports & great sports facilities • Exclusive waterfront luxurious villas • Personalised VIP Services • Easy accessible

Passover Program Features:

  • Full Service Accommodations.
  • Gourmet Glatt Kosher Cuisine not gebrokt, no Kitniyos, Shemura Matza , under the supervision of Rabbi Pinchas Leibush Padwa, Amsterdam.
  • Two wonderful Sedarim
  • Daily Minyanim & Shiurim Conducted By Our Rabbis
  • Unlimited Drinks-Unlimited Wine.
  • Legendary service and personal attention
  • Children’s Club Activities with guides- Kids Club room is filled with sports equipment, board games, toys and more… (3 and Up )
  • Nightly Entertainment On Chol Hamoed.
  • Special Kid’s meals with early dinner.
  • Excursions and attractions during Hol Hamoed

Go to the Passover Listing:


December 15, 2013 |

Passover Hotels in Italy


The most Passover hotels for 2014 (Pesach Resorts 2014) in Europe are in Italy.

Passover 2014 Hotels in Italy

Here on Kosher Travel Info we have a special “Passover 2014 Hotels and Resorts Directory” and within this Pesach Hotel Directory for 2014, we have a special section “Passover Hotels – Europe”.

The Passover Hotels – Europe is now live. If you are looking for a Pesach Hotel or Passover Resort in Italy or anywhere else in Europe, check out the “Passover Hotels Europe” section.

December 8, 2013 |

Passover 2014 Hotels Quick Links


Passover 2014 Hotel

Passover 2014 is almost here and with that, the companies and people behind the Kosher for Passover programs are already very busy planning and getting bookings for their respective Pesach vacations and Passover Hotels for the year 2014.

Here at Kosher Travel Info, we try to give you the best update and easy to read “Passover 2014 Hotel and Resort Guide and Directory”.

To make it easy to filter down and find the perfect Passover Getaway for 2014 by region, we crated the following quick links. You can click on the Passover Hotels – USA to see ALL Passover Programs in the USA. Or, you can click on just a state for a listing of Passover Hotels and that state only. For example, to see all Kosher for Passover Hotels in Florida, click on the “Florida Passover Hotels” link below.

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December 2, 2013 |
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