New Hampshire Minyan Map

The New Hampshire Minyan Map shows Jewish Orthodox Synagogues and Shuls in New Hampshire

Unlike the standard Minyan listing search, the New Hampshire Minyan Map page does not show each Minyan in grid or list view. The New Hampshire Minyan Map rather shows a larger map for the entire state of New Hampshire. This enables you to easily locate any Orthodox Synagogue or Minyan in New Hampshire on one large map. For a Minyan search that displays details of each Minyan and Shul in a list or grid view with a smaller map on top, click “Find a Minyan” button below.

To get the details for any Minyan, Synagogue or Shul in New Hampshire, click on any map marker directly on the map.

If you know of an Orthodox Synagogue, Minyan, Shteible or Shul in New Hampshire not showing on the map, please submit the Minyan (see the Add a Minyan button below). You will help a fellow Jew find a Minyan to go Daven in New Hampshire.

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