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Our goal is the list as many Minyunim as possible to enable any Jew all over the world to find a Minyan to go Daven anytime.

Mincha Minyan in Mississauga
A typical Mincha Minyan… Chabad of Mississauga Mincha Minyan

We encourage our site visitors to add a Minyan they know that is not yet listed.

Kosher Travel Info is an Orthodox Jewish global directory. We only list Orthodox Minyunim. Today’s Orthodox Synagogue’s have a policy of accepting and encouraging ALL Jews no matter what level of Jewish observation they keep. However, the official Shul and Minyan practice should run by Orthodox standards. Jewish Orthodox is defined as practicing Jewish law according to Halacha.

Requirements and Instructions to list a Minyan, Synagogue or Shteible on Kosher Travel Info

  • Minyan can be a Synagogue, Bais Ha-Medrish, Shteibel, or Steady Minyan as well as places at work where there is a Minyan for Mincha, etc.
  • Minyan, Synagogue or Congregation must be an Orthodox practicing Shul or Minyan.
  • If the Minyan you want to list is only in session during certain times, like Bein Hazmanin, winter vacation, etc please make sure to enter this information in the “Additional Minyan Info” box.
  • If your Minyan is seasonal and operate only during certain times of the year like summer only or winter only as is the case with a Minyan in a ski resort area, etc, make sure to note the “Seasonal Minyan”.

To add a Minyan, simply go to our “Add a Listing” page and follow the instructions to add a listings. You will have to select “Minyan” as the category. One you select “Minyan”, additional options will become available like Nusach, Rabbi’s Name, Prayer Times, etc.

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