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The Maine Minyan Map shows Jewish Orthodox Synagogues, Shuls and Minyunim in Maine.

Unlike the standard Minyan listing search, the Maine Minyan Map page does not show each Minyan in in list view. The idea here is to show a larger map for the entire state of Maine, so that you can easily locate each Minyan in Maine on one larger map. For a Minyan search that displays details of each Minyan in a list or grid view with a smaller map on top, click “Find a Minyan” button below.

To get the details for any Minyan in Maine, click on the map marker directly on the map.

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About Jews in Maine and the Orthodox Jewish Community in the State

Jews have been living in Maine since the 1800’s. There were fully functioning Jewish communities in Bangor and in Portland in the 1880s. Other Jewish enclaves around the state of Maine have also endured and thrived. Over the last 100 years, the Jewish population of Maine has ranged from 5,000 to over 10,000.

There are not many Orthodox Jews living in Maine, let alone any sizeable established Jewish community in Maine. The capital of Maine is Augusta but the largest city in Maine is Portland. You won’t find many Orthodox Synagogues or Shuls in any of these cities. Bangor, ME has it’s own Beth Abraham Synagogue, which advertises itself as “The only Orthodox Synagogue North of Portland”.

Some Minyunim in Maine are only operating during ski season or during summer vacation when there are Frum Jewish vacationers in the State. They may operate out of lodges, summer homes, etc. Use the Main Minyan Map as a guide and always call ahead to verify that the Minyan is operational and to verify Minyan times and schedules.

If you know of an Orthodox Minyan or Shul in Maine not showing on the map, please submit the Minyan (see the Add a Minyan button below). You will help a fellow Jew find a Minyan to go Daven in Maine.

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