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If you don’t have a website, you can use Kosher Travel Info as your home page! You will need to register and you will get at least 2 pages:

 One for your actual listing.


We also have options to give you a shorter URL.

One for your home page on Kosher Travel Info.


The listing page contains all the details of your kosher restaurant or other kosher establishment including cuisine, category (Restaurant, Supermarket, Bakery, Deli, etc), Contact Info, Price Range, Kosher Supervision and much more. You also get a “Description Field” where you can include a full write up about your kosher food establishment.

Your “Home Page” on Kosher Travel Info is your dashboard on our site. It also includes a summary of all your listings. It is a good “Summary Page” on who you are on Kosher Travel Info if you have more than one listing. Perfect for stores that have more than one location, local Shuls that are providing Kosher info for their neighborhood, etc.

To get your own page on Kosher Travel Info, you will need to register to the site. You should make sure to use a good name for the username that represents you, not the actual listing. For example, a kosher tour company that wants to list one of their Kosher for Passover Hotel and Resort Program should rather use their company name as their username and not their email or the name of the Pesach program. The reason is because your URL address on Kosher Travel Info is your username.


2 responses to “Your Own Homepage on Kosher Travel Info”

  1. Hi, I noticed that your site doesn’t offer any information about Safed, israel.

    I live in Safed (and have lived here for 30 years — served as the coordinator of the Tzfat tourist information center for 13 years).

    If you’re interested I’d be happy to write an article about Safed for your site, including some of the local kosher restaurants, bakeries, supermarkets, caterers, etc.


    1. Hi Laurie,

      We are excited that you joined Kosher Travel Info. You are welcome to list kosher establishments in Safed and we will do our best to promote it. We will also gladly publish your article about the ancient city of Safed, Israel. However, at the present time we don’t offer compensation for articles. You will get good exposure.

      Kosher Travel Info


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