Separate women’s and keilim כלים Mikvots מקוואות.

Our Mikveh

Our Mikveh is designed to provide a meaningful and uplifting experience for you, and everything is provided for your comfort and convenience.

Mrs. Tirtsa Gil is our main Mikveh attendant, but there may be other women serving as attendant during your visit. All of the women are knowledgeable regarding preparation and will help provide assistance, should you need it.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the attendant who will escort you to one of our four preparation rooms. For the utmost privacy, each of the rooms includes a sink, toilet, tub or shower, and one of the rooms includes barrier-free, accessible fixtures. All rooms are equipped with towels, a robe, disposable slippers, and a full complement of toiletry items. If you require any other items, please contact the attendant, as the Mikveh has additional supplies.

HoursBy appointment only.
Appointment48 hours notice please.

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