Kosher restaurant & Delivery in glasgow, Scotland

Scotland’s Premier Leading Supplier of

Take Away / Delivered Meals/ L’Chaim’s Glatt

Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterer
Open in Glasgow Sunday, Tuesday
& Thursday (subject to Demand)
* Open Nightly mid July & thru August
(subject to Demand)
* Open Any Night by prior arrangement
Always pre-Book if Possible 48 Hours in Advance.
Kosher Take Away / Delivered Meals/Food Menu

* Sora’s Kosher Lunchtime Cafe

Take Away & Budget Meals
Open Weekly 12- 2 pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursday

Kosher Take Away / Delivered Kosher Meals/Food Menu Click Here
Glatt Kosher Catering At a Price You Can Afford
Scotland’s ONLY Shomer Shabbos-B’Nay Torah
Glatt Kosher Mehadrin Restaurant, Glatt Kosher Food Supplier,
Glatt Kosher Caterer & Kosher Tour Supplier. Scotland’s
Glatt Kosher Food & Catering at it’s Very Best.

Don’t think of Cost. Think of Value!

The ONLY Kosher Food Outlet in Scotland
with FULLTIME – CONSTANT Kosher Kitchens Supervision. SEE: Restaurant Kosher Kashrus Policy
222 Fenwick Rd. Giffnock. Glasgow G46 6UE Scotland
Tel: (011 44 141) 0141 638 6116 / 07957 605 005
or 07971 502 601 Email:
Closed on Saturdays – When closed please leave a message

Open or Closed Scotland’s ONLY Glatt Kosher Restaurant & Kosher Caterer can always offer you our Glatt Kosher range of Gourmet Food Meals: Kosher Breakfasts, Kosher Lunches, Kosher Dinners & ALL Shabbos Kosher Food Meals too
We Deliver throughout Scotland
Our Kosher Catering Kitchens can supply Tailor Made –
bespoke Kosher meals to your specification

For a Menu and price list of Gourmet Kosher
Food Meals & Kosher Catering we can provide/supply Kosher Food throughout Scotland

Shomer Shabbos People wishing to
stay in the Main Jewish Community

We use Kedassia & MH Kosher Shechita ONLY.
Under the CONSTANT- Hashgocha-Personal Supervision of
Rabbi & Mrs Chaim Jacobs, the Lubavitch Rebbe’s shluchim for
46 years and the West of Scotland Kashrus Authority.

We (Rabbi Chaim & Mrs Sora Jacobs) PERSONALLY Supervise the kashrus of the restaurant to the same high standard we observe in our own home.
We are Makpid on Bishul Yisroel and Bishul Akum
at all times plus everything listed in our Kashrus Policy below: Restaurant Kosher Kashrus Policy
Kosher Gluten Free Meals Available on Request

We can supply Meals Double Wrapped & Served
on China to Any Hotel or Restaurant in Scotland

45 Miles from Edinburgh. Open most nights in August
We specialise in Kosher Gourmet, Bespoke & Kosher Fine Dining and Kosher Food Catering. At all other times we can still Kosher Cater and supply all Kosher Food Requirements while visiting Scotland

CuisineAmerican, Burgers, Deli, Diners, Grill, Mexican, Sandwiches
Kosher SupervisionRabbi & Mrs Chaim Jacobs of Chabad Lubavitch, the Rebbe's personal Shluchim in Scotland for 47 years
Price Range$
ReservationsNot Required

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