Welcome to Kesher Israel. You have reached a window to a unique synagogue in America. Kesher Israel is located in downtown Washington, DC, some 14 blocks from the White House, and within 2 miles (therefore, walking distance) of the Capitol.

Kesher is a modern Orthodox synagogue, and it is the only synagogue in the downtown area in the District of Columbia. As such, visitors to the congregation range from those with traditional yearnings, to those who are fully observant. On any given Shabbat, participants in our prayers can range from Chassidic Rabbis, to people with limited Jewish backgrounds.

The membership too is unique, and includes a Senator, a Congressman, a significant number of Ambassadors, both to and from the United States, the Secretary of Agriculture, and several distinguished authors. Many of the members hold fascinating positions in government, or are in other important national and international organizations.

With all of that, we pride ourselves most on our warmth and hospitality, and on our atmosphere of learning and intellectual investigation. Our Adult Education Institute, and other programs of study and intellectual challenge, have won award recognition. We invite all members of the community to be a part of those experiences.

Davening (Prayer Services)

Kesher Israel is the only shul in downtown DC that offers minyan 365 days a year. We have weekday Shacharit and Ma’ariv services year-round and weekday Mincha during Daylight Savings Time

On Shabbat, in addition to a traditional Friday-night service, we also offer a Carlebach service. On Shabbat morning, we have a hashkama service which meets at 7:30am, and a main service at 9am in the Main Sanctuary. The community and our visitors are invited to seudah shlishit after mincha on Shabbat afternoons.

Rabbi's NameRabbi Barry Freundel
Shacharit Sunday8:00AM (also on legal holidays)
Shacharit Mon 7:15AM
Shacharit Tues, Wed, Fri7:15AM
Shacharit Rosh Chodesh7:05AM
Mincha Weekdays15-20 minutes prior to shkiah (during EDT), Kesher Israel does not have a Mincḥa minyan during the winter months.
Maariv Weekdays7:00PM (during EST)
Shacharit Shabbat7:30AM | 9:00AM

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