The East Denver Orthodox Synagogue was established in 1962, and has served as a backbone of the Orthodox Community. We offer minyanim three times a day, shiurim, social programs, and youth programming, all in a friendly and warm environment. Our members have been instrumental in the establishment of many communal insititutions, such as the Eruv, the Mikvah, Bikur Cholim, all three day schools and other important organizations.

Please call us if you would like to visit and experience our Shabbos hospitality.

The Denver Jewish Community

The Denver Jewish Community enjoys the advantages of having a solid infrastructure, while at the same time having the feel of a tight-knit and supportive community. We have two Orthodox day schools, both in East Denver, an Orthodox high school, a Bais Yaakov and Yeshiva, a non-denominational Jewish high school, many other learning options, and easy access to kosher food.

Quality of life in Denver is quite high. Believe it or not, the weather here is actually good. You can expect approximately three hundred days of sunshine a year. Gorgeous sunny days are not uncommon in mid-January or February. Of course, proximity to the beautiful Rockies is also a strong plus. The population tends to be extremely polite and laid back. Denver is a great place to raise children. If you are interested in moving here, we would like to help you out. If you have any questions regarding the Shul or other Jewish institutions, you can e-mail the Shul at

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