Pupa (Puppa) is the name of a Hasidic dynasty. The dynasty is named after the town of its origin (according to the Yiddish name), also known in Hungarian as Pápa. Before World War II, Puppa had an important yeshiva headed by Rabbi Yakov Yecheskia Grunwald of blessed memory know for his work published as “Veyaged Ya’akov” and then by his son the late Rabbi Yoseph Grunwald of blessed memory know as the Ba’al Vaychi Yoseph. Pupa yeshiva produced many well-known Orthodox rabbis in Hungary. The whole community was deported to Auschwitz and only a very few individuals came back. Currently there are 2 or 3 Jews left in Puppa.

The group is based in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, with branches in Boro Park section of Brooklyn, Monsey, New York, a Yeshiva Gedolah (Rabbinical Seminary) in the town of Ossining in northern Westchester country, New York, and followers all the world including London and Israel. It is headed by the current Pupa Rebbe Grand Rabbi Yaakov Chizkiah Greenwald of Pupa – present Rebbe of Pupa – son of the Vayechi Yosef.

Rabbi's NameGrand Rabbi Grunwald Shlit"a of Pupa
Orthodox Religious Traditional ValuesArray
Shacharit SundayEvery 10 minutes starting at 6:15am
Shacharit Mon Every 10 minutes starting at 6:15am
Shacharit Tues, Wed, FriEvery 10 minutes starting at 6:15am
Shacharit Rosh ChodeshEvery 10 minutes starting at 6:15am
Mincha WeekdaysEvery 1/2 hour from Mincha Gedola. Every 10 minutes from 4:10pm
Maariv WeekdaysEvery 10 minutes from 60 minutes after Shkia untill very late
Mincha Friday20 Min after the Zeman
Shacharit ShabbatSummer: 9:15AM | Winter: 9:00AM (after the clock is changed back to EST)
Mincha Shabbat15 minutes after Friday's Zeman
Motzei Shabbat MaarivAt the zeman and several minyunim after

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