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Find a Jewish Orthodox Minayn, Shul or Synagogue to go Daven anywhere in the world.

How to use the “Find a Minyan” feature:

Double Click on the Worldwide Minyan Map above to zoom in to your area. Click on a single map icon to get the name and address of the Minyan. Click on the Minyan Name inside the info box to go directly to this Minyan full details page. If there are multiple listings in one area, it will display with a colored round icon and a number inside the map icon. Click on the number to zoom in on the map.

You can also use the SEARCH feature on top of the map. In the LEFT search box enter the name of the Minyan or any search term. You can also enter an affiliation. I.E., Chabad, Young Israel, etc. YOU CAN ALSO LEAVE THIS BLANK. In the RIGHT search box, enter a full or partial address. I.E., New York, Monsey, Chicago, Italy, etc. Then click the “SEARCH” button.