Minyan open to Jews of all backgrounds both Friday Night (after Sunset) and Shabbat Day at 9:30AM, Beautiful Minyan, Krias HaTorah, Thought on the Weekly Torah Portion and a delcious Kiddush with Cholent (traditional Shabbat hot stew.)

The Synagogue is located upstairs on the left.

 We are conveniently located down the block from the Peninsula Hotel and across the street from the Beverly Hilton.

Anyone who needs a place to eat Friday Night Shabbos Seuda please call Rabbi Yossi Illulian at the JEM Community Center at (310) 772-0000.


Rabbi's NameRabbi Hertzel Illulian
Orthodox Religious Traditional ValuesArray, Array, Array, Array
AffiliationArray, Array
NusachArray, Array, Array
Shacharit Sunday9:00am
Shacharit Mon 9:00am
Shacharit Tues, Wed, Fri9:00am
Shacharit Rosh Chodesh9:00am
Mincha Weekdays3:15pm
Maariv Weekdays7:00pm
Mincha Friday7:00pm
Shacharit Shabbat9:30am
Mincha Shabbat6:00pm
Motzei Shabbat Maariv7:00pm

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