Frequently Asked Questions

Kosher Travel Guide


What kind of places are listed in your directory?

We are a Jewish and Kosher Travel Guide and Directory but our directory is also used by locals to discover local kosher businesses like kosher restaurants. All listings are organized into the following main parent categories:

Synagogues & Minyan

Find a placed to go Daven anywhere in the world. Kosher Travel Info only lists Orthodox Synagogues.

Food & Dining

A directory of kosher food establishments including kosher restaurants, supermarkets that carry some kosher food items, butchers, bakeries and grocery stores. This section has sub directories.

Hotels & Lodging

Listing of kosher hotels and vacation rentals worldwide. Also includes hotels near Shuls (Synagogues) so that you can walk to a Minyan on Sabbath.


Worldwide kosher Mikvah directory.


Places to go while on vacation, kid friendly weekend outings, Chol HaMoed outings, etc. These include theme parks and recreational activities frequent by or appropriate for the Frum community.

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