2014 Passover Resorts and Hotels


This page has expired
This page is no longer active as the 2014 Passover season is over. Please check out the 2015 Passover hotel program instead.

The Passover 2014 Hotel and Resort Season has multiple options in locations around the world. Here at Kosher Travel Info, we present you our “Passover 2014 Resort and Hotel Directory” that includes Passover programs all over. From sunny Florida to the Skiing Mountains in northern Quebec.

Passover Resorts and Hotels
Passover Resorts and Hotels


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Passover 2014 CalendarWhen is Passover 2014Get listed in the Passover Directory
Our Passover 2014 Calendar has all the Hebrew dates for the Passover holiday in 2014 in calendar form.  Helps you plan the entire month of April 2014 so you can make your Passover plans.
Check out our page “When Is Passover 2014” for complete information on when Passover will be in the year 2014.
Get listed in the 2014 Passover Resorts and Hotels Directory. It is simple and free (subject to change). For information on how to get listed, visit our page “Get Listed on the Passover Hotel Directory“.
Passover 2014 Hotels Global Map
You can see all kosher for Passover 2014 Hotels and Resorts directly on the map below. The numbers on the map are when a few Pesach hotels are in the same area. Click on the numbers to expand the listings. Click on the icon to see a the kosher for Pesach hotel and resort program with a link to go directly to that Passover hotel listing.

You can also click on the menu under the map to select Passover hotels in just one region like Europe, USA, Florida, etc.



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