Chol Hamoed Outings: Tips From a Family That Has Done It All

It happens EVERY Chol Hamoed. You get up early, Daven with the first Minyan come home, for a change the kids are dressed and ready to go. But the family can’t decide where to go and you spend two hours undecided. By the time you get into the car everyone is in a bad mood and the entire Yom Tov atmosphere is out the window. The big goods all had good will and decided not to fight but now had already all forgotten all their good intentions. Does this sound familiar? Does your Chol Hamoed outing always ends in a stressful long day? Take some tips from me. I have been going places with my growing family for twenty years Bli Ein Horah. Plan in Advance Decide up front an appropriate outing or trip and stick to it. You can’t make everyone happy. But try to find a place that is balanced to the needs of your kids where everyone has a bit of what they enjoy.   Start Your Chol Hamoed Outing Early I can’t say this enough! Be in the car AFTER DAVENING, no later than 8:30am! W…
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