Important Kosher Disclaimer

Disclaimer: All information regarding Kosher establishments provided on this site is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified.

Important Kosher Restaurant Disclosure:

Being listed on Kosher Travel Info is not an endorsement. Kosher Travel Info can’t confirm the Kashrut of every establishment listed.


Consumers are advised to confirm the Hechsher / Kosher Supervision of establishments listed. Consumers are urged to check with their local Rabbi/Rav to make sure establishments listed on Kosher Travel Info meet their guidelines and are acceptable for them.


Kosher Travel Info does not accept responsibility for the Kashrus of any establishment listed.

Important Mikvah Disclosure:

We have not thoroughly investigated each Mikvah, though most official Mikvahs with Rabbinical Supervision are normally kosher.


One should ALWAYS check out a Mikvah to make sure it is Kosher with a reliable Rav/Rabbi to take responsibility on the hechsher. (One could dip into all waters in the world, but if it is not a Kosher Mikvah, one is still Tomai.)

Other Mikvah Resources: