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Free listing to showcase your Shul, Minyan, Kosher Food or Mikvah and generate more traffic or business

This page explains how to add a listing to the Kosher Travel Info directory.

1) Sign up to our site in seconds. You will then be able to update your profile or listings at any time

Registration takes less than a minute. After you register, you get your own “Dashboard” with your very own custom profile. You can update your profile or edit any of the listings you submitted. You can also add information about yourself or change any of your listings description and information. (See a sample dashboard.)

2) Free listing to showcase your Shul, Minyan, Kosher Food or Mikvah and generate more traffic or business

Our directory listings are free. You get a chance to showcase your Shul, Minyan or company in front of a highly targeted audience. Each free listings includes:

  • Complete full description of your Shul, Synagogue, Minyan, Mikvah or kosher business
  • Contact information to create leads from our visitors
  • Link to your website to improve your SEO
  • Links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to get new followers
  • Rating and reviews from your customers and visitors
  • Ability to respond to customers’ and visitors reviews
  • Map of your location
  • Contact form for visitors interested in your Minyan, Shul or business

3) Add your listing to any of our Jewish or Kosher Categories

You can add a listing to fits in any of our main or sub categories. They including: Minyan (Shuls & Synagogues), Kosher Food, Mikvah, Lodging, Attractions. Most main categories have sub categories. For example, the Food categories has a sub category called “Restaurants”.

For a list of all our LISTING categories, please see our “Kosher & Jewish Listings Categories” page. A listing is a Minyan, Kosher Restaurant, etc that is not date related.

For a list of our VACATIONS and EVENTS categories, please see our “Jewish & Kosher Vacation Categories” page. A vacation or event is an event that has a specific date, i.e., Passover Resort or Jewish Heritage Tour.

If your listing does not fit into any of our categories but you still want to post about it on Kosher Travel Info, please visit our Jewish Travel Forum.

If you’re ready to join our directory, go ahead and ADD YOUR KOSHER LISTING today!

If you need help registering, adding a listing, or anything else, please visit our help support forum.

Note: Our free listing offer is subject to change or termination without notice at any time.