Summer 2016 Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with Chuckies
Summer 2016 Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with ChuckiesSummer 2016 Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with ChuckiesSummer 2016 Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with ChuckiesSummer 2016 Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with Chuckies

Summer 2016 at Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with Chuckies

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Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Tour Operator: Chuckie's Kosher Adventure Tours

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Summer 2016 Yellowstone National Kosher Tour with Chuckies


Chuckies Kosher Adventure Tours Presents:




Geyser at YellowstoneKosher camping site

at Yellowstone National Parkat a campfire

August 21- August 25, 2016

Join us and explore. With us The Kosher Tour

Yellowstone National Park.

View the night sky in all its majestic beauty.

View wildlife in its natural habitat including bison, moose, elk and bighorn sheep.

Surround yourself in spectacular natural wonders; geysers, waterfalls, and canyons.

  • Stay at a fully equiped campsite inside Yellowstone National Park stocked with camping gear, your own picnic table, campfire pit and camp chairs.

  • Campground has showers, laundry facilities and a gift shop.

  • Meals cooked by a professional chef on host campsite and can be taken to your private campsite to enjoy.

  • Daily minyanim for shacharis, mincha and maariv.


Suggested Itinerary:


Drive through the park and arive at your campsite.  Settle into your tent.  Then, enjoy a sumptuous dinner. Relax at a campfire at your private campsite with roasted marshmallows, s’mores, even a kumzits.


Wake up to the sound of the forest.  Enjoy a refreshing outdoor breakfast.  Tour Monmouth Springs and see the thermal grounds and water. After eating your boxed lunch, go horseback riding near Roosevelt Interchange through forests and along lakesides.  Return back to your campsite for dinner.  Join a ranger-led campfire program in the campground discussing native wildlife.  Settle down for another campfire at your campsite marveling at a sky full of stars and the night sounds.


Enjoy another full spread at breakfast.  Drive to Geyser Basin. Watch Old Faithful errupt its majestic stream of hot water 140 feet in the air.  Enjoy the packed picnic before continuing to tour the rest of the geysers at geyser basin.  Return for dinner with all the trimmings. Fireside kumzitz.


Enjoy a morning boat ride on Yellowstone Lake.  Keep an eye out for all those bison.  Then get immersed while fly fishing, a favorite Yellowstone sport.  Take a stop at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and see this famous spot for yourself.  Return while driving through Hayden Valley at dusk for the best chance at wildlife viewing.  Marvel at the herds of bison grazing in the meadows and at the swans swimming in the lake.  Of course, all the meals are taken care of.  Don’t forget a fireside kumzits.


After eating breakfast, take an invigorating early morning walk through the campground and stop at the gift shop. Then, drive to Grand Teton National Park and take a boat ride across Jenny Lake.


Fresh delicious kosher food.  Five star chef.  Mashgiach Temidi.

roasted marshmallows

Relax. We’ve got your food fully covered. In abundance. We know that Jews tend to obsess about food- especially in the wilderness. We’ve just been through a lot!

 Awaken to lavish breakfasts – served at the host campsite or delivered to yours – with a full spread, including: pancakes, french toast, omelettes, seasonal fruit,  hot chocolate, coffee and fruit juices.

Take along delectable boxed sandwich lunches on your excursions, including: Hoagie/Sub sandwich*, egg salad sandwich, tuna sandwich, PB&J sandwich, cream cheese sandwich and drinks.

 Feast on delicious nightly grilled suppers including: rib steaks*, grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, teriyaki salmon*, soups, salads, grilled vegetables and refreshing ice-cold desserts*.

Kosher Gourmet meals Under the supervision of the Keystone K – Community Kashrus of Greater Philadelphia





Chuckies Kosher Adventure Tours FAQ’s

questions about kosher camping

Q: How does this work, exactly what are you providing?

A: We take care of all the logistics involved in setting up your campsite and meal preparation.  We book a reservation at a campground months in advance.  Campgrounds typically fill up quickly.  We provide top quality camping gear and set it all up for you so that you don’t have to shlep it all across the country and worry about setting it up correctly.  We also provide a chef who cooks five star meals in our outdoor kitchen.  Food preparation can be complicated in a campground without electricity.  It is also difficult to get food to remote locations.  We are experienced in what it takes to feed people in the most remote places.  We also provide you with a group so that you can have a minyan and even a daf yomi shiur.


Q: I want family privacy on this trip, will I have that?

A:  Absolutely.  Camping is an experience that lends itself to bonding with those that you are traveling with.  We, the hosts, will be staying on a site within the campground where all the meals will be cooked and minyanim will take place.  You will stay on your own private, fully prepared campsite within the same campground.  You will have your own tent, picnic table and fire pit so that you could enjoy the experience with your family and friends in the privacy of your own space.

Q: How many people can you fit at each campsite?

A: A camsite typically fits 6 to 8 people.  If you are traveling with a larger family or group, we can set up two tents on one campsite.  We also can set up more tents on two or more adjoining sites.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Of course.  Kids love camping.  We have been camping with very young children!  We’ve even been camping with someone who was wheelchair bound!  Camping is fun for everyone.

Q: Why can’t I just do this myself? What do you add that makes it different? 

A:  We have a lot of experience and have been taking people camping for many years.  We know how to store and prepare food in the wilderness for weeks without electricity.  We know what gear you need to camp with and how to set it up.  We know how to choose a great campground and how to make camping an enjoyable experience.  It will also be nice to camp in a campground where you know that other people like you are camping there as well.  You will not have to give up on davening with a minyan and your daf yomi shiur.

Q: Why do this over stay in a hotel? 

A:  Hotels are nice, but when you are going to a natural wonder, there is nothing like experiencing it to the fullest extent.  You will have the most relaxing time unencumbered by technology or the distractions of everyday life.  You will be able to spend true quality time with your fellow campers.  You will go to sleep to the music of the forest and wake up to the birds chirping  and the crisp morning air.  You will enjoy relaxing and warming up at a campfire while gazing at a sky speckled with stars unlike anything you see in a city.  Camping is one of the most wholesome, fullfilling activities ever.

Q: Does this include airfare? Campsite fees?  Park enterance fees?

A: The price does include the fee for staying at the campsite. Airfare and car rental are not included in the price.  Some parks, like Acadia and Grand Canyon, have a great shuttle service and you may not even need to rent a car.  Unless you have a national park annual pass, you will also have to pay about $20 to get into most National Parks.

Q: Are there things to do?  Can you help with planning our itinerary?

A:  We have traveled extensively throughout each destination and will be happy to share our experience with you.  We can provide you with a list of things to do.  We are also available to help arrange professionally guided excursions and more detailed itinerary planning at an extra cost.  3 guided tours are included in the Deluxe package.

Q: I want to go on a private family trip to somewhere that will suit my family’s needs.  Can you do that?

A:  We can customize a trip for any sized group.  We have led private trips for two people and for larger families.  We can help you with choosing a destination that will work for your group.  We will customize your itinerary based on the level and type of activities that you would like to do.  We will accompany you on your trip and take care of all of the logistics so that you can just sit back and enjoy.

Q: How does the cabin-based camping work?

A:  Very similar to the tent camping.  We will stay at a cabin campground.  Cabins have more amenities than the campground including heating and air-conditioning, electricity, refrigerator, bedding and towels.  Food will be cooked at the host-cabin to be taken to your own private cabin to enjoy.

Q: I want to do a family reunion. How many people do I need to bring to create a custom trip?

A:  We can customize a trip for any sized group, but the price will vary based on the group size.  Most of the pricing that you see on this website is based on a group  size of 30 people.

Q: Can you customize a nature  trip  that is hotel based or a combination of hotels and camping?

A:  Some people love nature trips, but don’t want to sleep in a tent the whole time.  We have experience planning trips where we stay at hotels, cabins or lodges.  Some of our trips have been to multiple destinations.  For example, we had one trip that included a combination of flight/road trip to Glacier Mountain National Park, MT, Mount Rushmore, SD, Arches, UT and Grand Canyon, AZ.  We’ve also led trips with a few nights in a hotel and only one day of camping.  Private trips are customized to your specific needs.

Q: How does your cabin style trip work?

A:  Our cabin-based trip works similarly to our tent-based trips except you stay in your own cabin.  The trip usually includes a weekend including shabbos in the cabin.  We stay in fully-furnished, heated cabins, kind of like your own little cottage.  We take care of the eiruv, minyan and all the meals including the shabbos meals which are freshly cooked by our on-site chef.


June 12, 2016

Could you contact me by email to provide more explanations on the kosher holidays.
We are living in Israel and plan to come visiting Yellowstone, Canadian and US Rockies Mountains, and if possible Vancouver and California.
We’ll have three to 4 weeks maximum and shomrim shabath.

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