Passover 2016 at Rancho Bernardo Inn - San Diego - Castillo
Passover 2016 at Rancho Bernardo Inn - San Diego - Castillo_PatioPassover 2016 at Rancho Bernardo Inn - San Diego - estate_livingroomPassover 2016 at Rancho Bernardo Inn - San Diego - guestroom_open-doorPassover 2016 at Rancho Bernardo Inn - San Diego - spa pool

Passover 2016 in San Diego with Upscale Getaways

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Holiday Season: Passover 2016

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Pesach 2016 in San Diego with Upscale Getaways


The entire Conference Center will be exclusively for guests of Upscale Getaways and Kosher for Pesach.

These accolades make the Rancho Bernardo Inn the highest-ranking resort of any Pesach program in California.


Considering all of the accolades, obviously RBI is a special place. But what makes it so unique? First off, the resort features 287 luxuriously appointed guestrooms that all feature either a patio or balcony, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. At no point are you more than a 10 minute walk to even the furthest reaches of the property and many guestrooms are within seconds of the brand new $30 million Aragon Conference Center. The resort truly gives you the feeling of being nestled in a peaceful haven in the heart of the mountains. The property features an endless array of cozy corners with a variety of outdoor fireplaces and firepits to sit around and socialize with friends. We all know how important that is to the Pesach experience.


The property oozes with the charm of a Spanish Hacienda. With its exquisite décor and unique architecture; you never forget that you are somewhere special. The property features an array of beautiful gardens, outdoor sculptures and Mediterranean-inspired fountains that not only create a warm and inviting environment, but also infuse the property with an unmistakable soul and energy. It is so far removed from the cookie cutter mold of the chain properties, that you really feel like you are in a hidden sanctuary.


With an unpretentious style and a genuine warmth that is completely unique among the world’s finest resorts, we would like to welcome you to a truly Upscale Pesach experience.


We are always here ready for your call, and can’t wait to go over everything with you!


With a property like the Rancho Bernardo Inn and a location like San Diego, the opportunities for memorable excursions are endless. San Diego is one of America’s top tour destinations and at Upscale we don’t leave the planning to you. We offer multiple trips and tours daily, geared to adults and kids of all ages. There is no program on earth that offers as much to their guests in terms of trips and tours as we do…and that is a fact! From the obvious like the San Diego Zoo and Sea World to the obscure like the Glen Ivy Hot Springs (known as the Disneyland of Spas) to Skysurfing Hot Air Balloons, we offer it all to our guests.


Scholars in Residence

We are excited to announce that Soulfarm will be joining us for the entire Pesach at the Rancho Bernardo Inn. They will be performing numerous acoustic and hangout sessions on Pesach around all the different fireplaces and fire pits that we have and culminating with an incredible concert. This is a show that we could easily sell tickets to and have thousand of people joining, but it is closed to the public and only available to guests of Upscale Getaways. It will be an incredibly intimate experience that we are excited to bring to our guests.


We also offer an incredibly varied program, which includes a day care (ages 0-3), day camp (4-12) and teen program. You will be hard pressed to find any Pesach resort that has such a strong focus on kids and teens. We understand that if you’re kids are having a great time, then you’ll have a great time.


If staying on site is more to your tastes, then we’ve got you covered as well. The Spa at RBI has been rated as one of the Top 25 Spas in the USA and the tranquil Spa Garden is the perfect setting to relax and reconnect with nature. You may choose to receive a treatment in one our temperature-controlled casitas, lounge in the sun-splashed garden or soak in the saline waterfall whirlpool to add a natural tranquility to your spa experience


We also feature one of the best golf courses in California. Our 18-Hole Championship Golf Course has hosted both PGA and LPGA events and continues to present Golfers of all skill levels with a challenging and rewarding day on the course. Considering the location of the resort (nestled in the mountains and not coastal), our property is consistently about 10 degrees warmer in April than the coastal San Diego properties. This only adds to the enjoyment of being outside and especially to the sunbathing and swimming activities that everyone craves after a long winter.We are so excited to welcome you to a Pesach experience that is like no other! Give us a call, and we are always ready and available to speak with you!

Scholars in Residence

Rabbi Daniel Mechanic is a sensational, dynamic and sought after speaker for adults and teens alike. His emotionally powerful and inspiring sessions address the issue of winning our hearts and minds to the truth and beauty of Yiddishkeit. His cutting edge presentations about family life, parenting, chinuch, and contemporary issues have challenged and inspired thousands of people. He has been a guest lecturer at many major conventions and dinners throughout North America and has served as a scholar-in-residence at Shuls and other programs throughout the country.

Additionally, Rabbi Mechanic is a world-renowned lecturer on topics related to Kiruv Rechokim and is also recognized throughout the Orthodox Jewish world as an authority on the “at-risk” teen phenomenon. After 12 years of study at Yeshiva Kol Torah, Yeshiva Gedolah of Passaic, and Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, Rabbi Mechanic began working for Rabbi Noach Weinberg ZT’L. Trained by Aish HaTorah, he spent the next 15 years working as the Director of Discovery, where he presented hundreds of seminars and inspired thousands of orthodox, unaffiliated and secular Jews.

In 1996, Rabbi Mechanic decided to assist the Yeshivos and Day Schools in reinforcing and strengthening the Yiddishkeit of their students. His fascinating Shiurim are presented in over 370 schools, with the endorsement of leading Gedolim, Roshei Yeshiva, and Principals worldwide. His informative, thought provoking and unique programs have strengthened and inspired over 210,000 students of all ages. Rabbi Mechanic also provides individual counseling and mentoring to hundreds of young men, women and families.

Ordained by Rav Avraham Pam, ZT”L at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath, Rabbi Mechanic resides in Brooklyn with his wife and five children.


April 7, 2016

I am looking for a Seder I can attend on April 22. I will be in town from Las Vegas for a family event. My family are not Jewish. Is it possible to attend yours at the Inn? It’s 10 minutes from where I will be staying. Thank you!

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