Rock of Gibraltar: Journey Through Jewish History with Torah in Motion: Alluring Spain 2016
Rock of Gibraltar South View: Journey Through Jewish History with Torah in Motion: Alluring Spain 2016Palacio de Comunicaciones Madrid: Journey Through Jewish History with Torah in Motion: Alluring Spain 2016Journey Through Jewish History with Torah in Motion: Alluring Spain 2016Journey Through Jewish History with Torah in Motion: Alluring Spain 2016

Journey Through Jewish History with Torah in Motion: Alluring Spain 2016

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Kosher tour with Torah in motion A Journey Through Jewish History | Alluring Spain 2016

Join Torah in Motion for a unique and intellectually inspiring Kosher tour to Spain designed by Dr. Marc Shapiro.

  • See the medieval synagogues in Toledo
  • Visit the windmills immortalized by Cervantes
  • Experience Shabbat in Gibraltar, a unique experience
  • Enjoy the magnificence of Barcelona, one of Europe’s most exciting cities
  • See the medieval synagogue in Cordoba

We’ll be visiting Madrid, Cordoba, Gibraltar, Grenada, Barcelona, Gerona, and many other sites off the beaten track. This trip promises to be an unforgettable Spanish experience, with a focus on places of Jewish interest. A central feature of the tour will be Dr. Shapiro’s expert discussions of the many places we will visit, making the trip nothing less than a travelling classroom. In addition, we will be joined by expert local guides who will provide their own angle.And of course, in addition to the special Torah in Motion educational and spiritual nourishment, the Journey Through Jewish History in Spain will feature:

  • Luxury hotels in prime locations;
  • 3 fresh kosher meals daily; and
  • expert local tour guides for sites of general interest.

Kosher tour in Spain 2016 with Dr. Marc Shapiro June 28 – July 6, 2016 ITINERARY Highlights (subject to change)

Tuesday 28 June: Madrid

Prado Museum. Walking tour around the heart of the old city through the Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor, Mercado de San Miguel, the former City Hall, and the Royal Opera House.

Wednesday 29 June: Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba

Toledo which, home of great rabbis such as R. Asher ben Jehiel. Two important synagogues survive in the old Jewish quarter Cordoba, via Don Quixote route. Visit the Windmills in Consuegra, made famous by Cervantes.

Thursday 30 June: Cordoba, Seville, Gibraltar

Walking tour in Cordoba. Cordoba is famous as the birthplace of Maimonides (commemorated here by a statue), and was also one of the places R. Abraham Ibn Ezra lived. We will visit the old Jewish quarter and synagogue, as well the museum. We will also visit the beautiful mosque. Seville, a beautiful city with an old history, Judah Halevi lived here, and a tiny Jewish community. We will tour the Santa Cruz quarter, which is part of the old Jewish city, and visit the Alcazar, the royal palace. Gibraltar.

Friday 1 July: Gibraltar

Tour of Gibraltar, a British enclave in Spain, which has had a strong Jewish community for hundreds of years. We will visit the rock of Gibraltar, see the famous monkeys, and then move on to the Great Siege Tunnels, St. Michael’s Cave, the Pillars of Hercules, and other fascinating sites.

Saturday 2 July: Gibraltar

Shabbat in Gibraltar is something to remember. With around 30,000 people, the Jewish community of 700 plays an important part in the life of this British outpost. After tefillah, there will be time to rest, followed by a class by Dr. Shapiro on a Torah subject relevant to Spain. We will also have a walking tour in the center of Gibraltar.

Sunday 3 July: Gibraltar, Malaga, Granada

Malaga is the birthplace of Ibn Gabirol the poet and Picasso the painter. After a panoramic tour of the city, we will visit the Picasso Museum. Granada, home to many outstanding figures, including R. Samuel ha-Nagid. We will visit the magnificent Alhambra, a series of palaces and gardens built by the Muslim rulers in the fourteenth century. It was also the site where Ferdinand and Isabella signed the Expulsion decree in 1492.

Monday 4 July: Barcelona

Flight to Barcelona, one of the two major centers of Jewish life in Spain. Touring both its general and Jewish sites (including a medieval synagogue). Gaudi’s La Pedrera. A walking tour that includes a walk through the Gothic Quarter and the Jewish Quarter.

Tuesday 5 July: Barcelona, Gerona, Besalu

Gerona, famous in Jewish history as the city of Nahmanides and the center of medieval Jewish mysticism. This beautiful city has one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Spain and a museum devoted to Jewish life in Gerona. Besalu, not far from the French border. There we will see the twelfth-century mikveh only discovered in the twentieth century.

Wednesday 6 July: Barcelona   Departure flight

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