Jewish Music Festival at Sea with Kosherica

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tour Operator: Kosherica

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Jewish Music Festival at Sea
Kosher Cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean:
Allure of the Seas

January 24-31, 2016 (7 Nights – Kosher Cruise)

Ford Lauderdale | Haiti | Jamaica & Mexico


  • Avraham Fried
  • Benny Friedman
  • Dudu Fisher
  • Manis Friedman
  • Yaakov Motzen
  • Colin Schachat
  • Steve Bill
  • Tomer Adaddi

Maritime Glatt Kosher MGK

The MGK is a conglomerate of various Rabbanim who all are either currently or have previously held the highest administrative positions in mainstream Kashrus organizations. Each Rav Hamachshir is responsible for hiring and training his own group of mashgichim who will support him in the supervision of that particular cruise. Our Head Mashgichim have all had cruise supervision experience, a critical element in insuring that the highest level of Kashrus be maintained. We also send a larger team of mashgichim per cruise, in comparison to other existing programs. Our programs are Glatt Kosher, Chalav Yisroel and Pas Yisroel.

Click Here for Maritime Glatt Kosher Full Info:

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