Jewels of Jewish Europe Summer Tour 2015

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  • USA: 917-724-2633 | UK: 44-203-734-1139 | ISRAEL: 054-654-1991

Tour Operator: Nesivos Tours (Jewish Legacy Tours)

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Tour Dates: August 3-10, 2015

Join Rabbi Yissocher Frand, Rosh Yeshiva, Ner Yisroel
and Rabbi Menachem Nissel, Jewish History & Insights

Tour is Geared for Adults
Couples & Singles Are Welcome

  • HEAR Rabbi Frand’s riveting and inspiring shiurim & lectures throughout the tour
  • EXPLORE the enchanting villages, historical Jewish communities, and the pathways of Europe’s greatest Rishonim and Achronim!
  • DAVEN at the kevarim of the Pnei Yehoshua, R. Shimshon Rafael Hirsch, Maharam M’ Rottenburg, the Maharil, Rabeinu Gershom Meohr Hagola, Reb Yisroel Perlow, the Stoliner Rebbe, Baal Shem of Michelstadt, and other Torah luminaries
  • RELAX in beautiful luxury hotels with delicious and fresh gourmet Kosher L’Mehadrin cuisine
  • RECHARGE as you take a boat ride through Amsterdam’s canals and villages, tour a kosher winery in the Alsatian countryside, visit Antwerp’s heimish community, and more!
    •REJUVENATE during an unforgettable Shabbos in Amsterdam; daven at the historic Spanish Portugese shul, and relax in your beautiful hotel overlooking one of Amsterdam’s most scenic canal views!

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