Carpathian Mountain Passover Heritage Tour

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Thermal Star Resort Hotel 5*
Nizhnye Solotvyno, 226, Nyzhnje Solotvyno, Ukraine

Tour Operator: Eddie's Kosher Travel

Holiday Season: Passover 2016

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Thermal Star Resort Hotel 5* Ranked among the most beautiful spa hotels in Transcarpathian region. Thermal Star Resort Hotel is a unique resort located in the picturesque valley of Carpathian Mountains, on the lakeside. Everything has been done here for the guests’ comfort and health improvement: a high standard of accommodation, spa treatment, exquisite cuisine and wide range of additional services.
This Carpathian Thermal Star health resort offers treatments with its own curative high-silicon complex thermal water. Thermal Star owns two thermal mineral-water wells whose high silicon content contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, improves the condition of bones, cartilage tissue, skin, and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. The resort includes two outdoor swimming pools, sports’ facilities, and a playground for children. The resort includes spa rooms fitted with modern equipment, a diagnostic laboratory, its own mineral water, saunas and steam baths. Website:
The entire hotel, which is for our use during Pesach, is spread out over an area of 40 acres and is situated on the shores of a lake in the scenic Carpathians. The hotel is owned by a well-known Jewish philanthropist born in Munkács and who is a major philanthropist to Israel, and also donates to the rehabilitation and commemoration of the Jewish community living in this area.


The Carpathian Mountains forms an arc of roughly 1,500 km stretching across Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia, making them the second-longest mountain range in Europe where the highest peaks exceed 2,500m. The hotel itself is 600 meters above sea level.


Most of the region was once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, known as Transylvania. Residents view themselves as belonging to “Carpatia”, the name of the mountain region, and do not show any interest in who controls the area. The political divisions made after World War II do not interest them.

Jewish Heritage

In the past Jews lived in almost every village, town or city in the area and in some areas they constituted 30-50% of the population. During our tour we will visit remote villages Jewish cemeteries and the graves of Hassidic Rabbis. We will visit the Munkács Hebrew Gymnasium, synagogues, and Jewish institutions and communities. Most of the esteemed Hassidic sects, such as Nadvorna, Kalibo, Sanz, Viznitz, Satmar Munkács, etc. were from this area.

Joel Goldman

February 21, 2016

Can you tell me the cost for two adults and an eight and ten year old for all eight days, the first three and last three?

How far is it from the airport? Can we get picked up?

Joel I. Goldman

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