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The Kansas Minyan Map shows Jewish Orthodox Synagogues or Minyan in the Kansas

Unlike the standard Minyan listing search, the Kansas Minyan Map page does not show each Minyan in in list or grid view. We show you here a larger map so that you can easily locate each Minyan in Kansas on one map. For a Minyan search that displays details of each Shull or Minyan in a list or grid view with a smaller map on top (the standard Minyan search), click “Find a Minyan” button below.

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The Jewish presence in Kansas began soon after Kansas Territory was established in 1854. However, in recent years the Jewish population of Kansas has greatly diminished, mainly because young people attend colleges in areas of larger Jewish population, and do not return to Kansas. Still, both major universities in the state, the University of Kansas and Kansas State University, maintain Hillel houses that help their student populations to live a Jewish life on campus and offer courses in Jewish Studies.
The biggest Jewish metro community in the area includes Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri.

If you know of an Orthodox Minyan or Shul in Kansas not showing on the Kansas Minyan Map above, please submit the Minyan to Kosher Travel Info (see the Add a Minyan button below). You will help a fellow Jew find a Minyan to go Daven in the state of Kansas.

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