Iowa Minyan Map

The Iowa Minyan Map shows Jewish Orthodox Synagogues, Shteiblech and Minyunim in Iowa.

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The first organized Jewish community in Iowa was formed at Keokuk in 1855 in a private home under the name of the Benevolent Children of Israel. This society maintained a cemetery and was later incorporated as Congregation B’nai Israel. In 1877 it erected Iowa’s first synagogue.

Today, Des Moines remains the largest center of Jewish life in Iowa. Recent years have seen the growth of an ultra-Orthodox community in rural Postville, where once there were only Christians. Today 75 Chassidic families live in Postville, which offers K-8 Jewish education for girls and K-11 Jewish education for boys.

If you know of an Orthodox Minyan or Shul in Iowa not showing on the map, please submit the Minyan (see the Add a Minyan button below). You will help a fellow Jew find a Minyan to go Daven in the state of Iowa.

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