Kosher Vacation & Travel Guide

The Kosher Vacation and Travel Guide lets you help plan for a Frum Vacation.

Please note that Kosher Travel Info is a GLOBAL DIRECTORY. The Kosher Vacation & Travel Guide menu on this page just groups together kosher resources by area more like a quick guide.

If your geographic area is not listed on the Kosher Travel Guide & Directory menu, you can find the info by going directly to the category you are looking for on the main menu (e.g. Minayn, Food & Dining, etc). You can zoom into the map in each category to find all your Jewish and Kosher Travel Listings. There are other search options available too.


Plan a Frum Kosher vacation today.
Plan a Frum Kosher vacation today.

The guide includes many useful resources to the Jewish Orthodox Kosher Frum traveler, but the main sections are:

  • Minyan:
    Find a Minyan to go Daven anywhere in the world.
  • Food & Dining:
    Kosher food and restaurants. Includes supermarkets that have a kosher section.
  • Lodging:
    Hotels and rentals near Orthodox Synagogues so that you can walk to Shul on Shabbos.
  • Mikvah:
    Kosher Mikvah listings, a global Kosher Mikvah directory.