Bronx, NY Jewish Directory

This is the Bronx, NY Jewish and Kosher directory, where you can find a Minyan to go Daven, Kosher restaurants, food, kosher hotels and Mikvah listings in Bronx, NY. This directory includes everything the Frum Orthodox Jewish traveler needs to make travel plans for business or vacation.

Minyan & Synagogues

Minyan & Shul to go DavenMinyan, Synagogues and places to go Daven in Bronx, NY.

Kosher Food

Kosher Food ShopsKosher food shops. Includes Groceries, Bakeries, Butcher, Deli and Supermarkets in and near Bronx, New York.


Kosher RestaurantsKosher restaurants in Bronx, New York.



MikvahListings of kosher Mikvah’s in Bronx, New York.

Hotels & Lodging

Kosher Hotels & Hotels near ShulsIncludes hotels, motels, lodging, rentals near Shuls. Also includes kosher hotels.


AttractionsAttractions in Bronx, NY for Chol HaMoed outings, summer trips, etc. Mostly parks, museums and amusements frequent by the Frum community. Inclusion in this list is by no means an endorsement that the attraction is appropriate for a Frum Jewish family.

If you know of a Minyan, Synagogues, Shul, Kosher food, restaurants, butchers, etc., Mikvah or kosher hotel in Bronx, New York not showing up in the above sections, please let us know. You can either submit a new listing, or just post your comment at the bottom of this page.


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